Square Gable Vent – 15”x 15”

Maximum vent free air flow.

Square Gable Vent description

The 15”x 15” Square Gable Vent is the perfect addition to your home’s exterior. Allow your vents to stand out, instead of just existing. With it’s easy to install application, this square gable vent goes well with exteriors like wood, brick, vinyl, hardy board, aluminum and etc. Don’t let its sleek and simplistic design fool you, this vent allows for maximum vent, free airflow into your home.

The airflow this gable vent supplies will help to prevent moisture and condensation to build up inside of your home. It will allow for fresh, clean air to continuously flow into your home, while simultaneously removing the old, warm, moisture-filled air to be removed from your home. The vent will also help to stop the growth of unhealthy and unwanted mold before it gets the chance to start. Protect your family from illness that can be caused by a moldy home.

The 15”x 15” Square Gable Vent is one of our most popular vents. The level lines that are included with the vent help with the simple installation process. The simplistic design looks great while covering your ventilation needs.

We also offer many other vent options for Decorative Gable Vents, ranging in a variety of designs and sizes; rectangular, keystone, octagon and cathedral arched. The durable design makes them easy to clean and provides mini-features to your home’s exterior. Browse through our gable vent selection today to find the fit that’s right for you!