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Yes. A Zip Tool, used for installing vinyl siding, works best. However, a flat screwdriver works just as well with our product.

White and Sandalwood.

Any fine-tooth saw can be used to make cuts. Be sure to place a block of wood inside the Handrail Cover before cutting it. This will stabilize the product and prevent chipping.

We recommend using any clear, white or beige (to match sandalwood handrail) exterior grade caulking on End Caps, Corner Caps and Connectors. Use a small amount of caulking in these areas to act as a gasket to keep water from penetrating into gaps.

No, our Corner Cap is designed for 90-degree corners only.

For angles other than 90 degrees, you can simply cut the handrail to the angle required. Using a small screw, (#8 x ¾”) fasten the joint through the flanges at the bottom. Use about ½” of masking tape on either side of the cut and fill the joint using a good quality urethane caulking. Remove masking tape when caulking is set.

Polypropylene (PP) is a safe, weather-resistant and durable material used widely in a variety of consumer products. It is commonly used in cars — most bumpers, dashboards and door panels are made of PP.

Our products include an additive that enhances UV protection for improved resistance to the elements. Typically, our building accessories retain their original durability and colour for the life of most buildings.

Our “Third Wave” Self-Flashing Technology products are available in a range of colour options.

Yes, but because our products are made primarily of virgin polypropylene plastic (PP), the surface is too smooth to accept most paints.

We recommend using Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint.

It is a fast-drying paint for plastic that requires no prep, sanding or priming and is fully chip resistant after 7 days. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

When installed correctly they absolutely do. Whichever Air & Moisture Barrier is used, it must be run behind the bottom flange and be sealed to the top and side flange.

Laboratory tests have proven that our Third Wave product line outperforms every other siding accessory on the market. In W3 Water Wall test applications, even at the rate of 10 US gallons per hour and in absence of building paper, caulking or peel-and-stick (as recommended in exterior wall applications), Third Wave products greatly reduced or eliminated water penetration.

The original Quicksilver Building Product accessories were designed in 1987, before changes in building design and construction began to cause water ingress problems. The original Electrical Mounting Block, Dryer Vent and Utility Plate series has long since been retooled to provide water-tight protection that meets modern rain screen specifications to protect your home from water intrusion.

Plastic Mini Louvers (PML’s) can be installed anywhere ventilation is required, but they must be weather protected. Typically, the 5” or 6” PML’s are installed in soffits for supplemental roof ventilation.

As a rule of thumb, be sure to mount PML’s at a distance below the soffit of no greater than half the length of the overhang. For example, if the overhang is 24”, the PML’s must be mounted within 12” of the soffit.

PML’s are easy to install. We recommend using a drill rather than a jigsaw. In addition to soffit ventilation, they are useful for ventilating cupboards, stereo cabinets or garbage cans, for example.

Sizes: 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.

The size of utility plate opening you require will depend on the size of your specific plumbing or HVAC fixtures. Fixtures such as water taps, drain pipes, vacuum hoses and exhaust pipes come in a variety of sizes, and our Utility Plates are designed to accommodate them all.

The 7” x 7” Utility Plate has a standard opening of 3-5/8” which is designed to fit 3” ABS pipe, typically used in mechanical heating/cooling units. Custom openings are also available up to a maximum of 4-1/2”.

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