VSA Handrail Covers

Frequently Asked Questions

The best deck railing covers should not only be durable from the outside, but provide effective ventilation to protect what’s on the inside.

Deck railing covers are an important part of any modern home. Rather than expose your handrails to the elements and wait for the paint to chip off or for the natural wear and tear of regular usage to take its toll on expensive materials, you want to take preemptive action and protect your deck railings from everything and everyone.

But how do you choose what’s a good cover, a good 2×6 deck handrail? Is it just about price? How many colors it comes in? A good rule of thumb is that like everything else, not all deck railing covers are created equal. One important factor when it comes to this is how well the handrail cover can guard against not just external threats, but internal ones as well. What’s the internal threat? Mold. When wood is covered with low-quality deck railing covers, the lack of air circulation can cause moisture to linger and eventually cause irreversible damage to your hard-earned investments, here is the bestest house cleaning baton rouge for your house.

Using a patented ribbing system, VSA handrail covers ensure that there is ample air circulation within the covered word so that there is no danger of moisture damage and the consequent molding that it can cause. Products such as VSA Enterprises’ 2×6 deck handrail are made to endure any climate, any rainfall, all the time. After all, what works in BC’s coastal rainforest, which is filled with months upon months of mold-loving weather, can work virtually anywhere else.

Ready to get deck railing covers that will keep your rainy days happy, protect your investments, and look good doing it? Click on the products section of this site to find theVSA handrail covers that will satisfy your needs.