Plant Holder 2×6″

2×6 Plant Holder creates a flat surface over the curved top of the 2×6 Handrail Cover. Can be used as a planter base or simply to create a flat place to set your morning coffee.

Plant Holder 2×6″ deck handrail Description Simple, modern and in sandalwood or white, our 2×6 Plant Holder pairs perfectly with our 2×6 deck handrail to create the perfect flat surface over the curved top of your handrails. As a result, this Plant Holder is a perfect addition to your railing, outdoor deck patio, or apartment balcony. The versatility of our 2×6” Plant Holder or 2×6 deck handrail allows the planter base to not only house your plants but it can also be used as a flat place to set your morning coffee, or favorite drink on. The durable PVC Vinyl design makes this planter extremely durable and builds to last through all the seasons. The lightweight, plastic design means that you won’t be putting pressure on your railings. This planter comes equipped with adjustable brackets, to allow secure fastening to any outdoor railing or handrail. Our products are built to last. As well as plastic reflects UV light, making sure it won’t fade or change color over time. The PVC vinyl makes cleaning a breeze. Avoid the mold that wooden planters get overtime and the rust that comes with the weathering of metals. Rest assured that our 2×6” planter will be with you for the long run, whatever you choose to use it for, and for whatever space you are using it in. The simple design and the durability speak for itself. If you have other outdoor home projects, like you want a handrail cover to protect your railings or other products then make sure you browse through our vast online selection today to cover all your needs!