“The Third Wave OAB over water barrier electrical fitting offers an elegant, practical and efficient way to provide through-wall fittings with the smallest of holes and the least amount of time.”—Peter Francis, owner, Chateau Building Products Ltd., Richmond, BC. www.chateauhomes.ca

“As a specification consultant to architects, I have recommended and specified the VSA line of siding products. I am confident in both their design and quality. In fact, I have used them in my own home.”—Robert Park, Spectrite Technical Services

“VSA’s Third Wave product stands alone. It’s amazing how well it works to redirect water from penetrating the exterior envelope.”—Bryce Davies, GM, Insul-Twin Systems Ltd.

“Third Wave Series products demostrate greatly improved water shedding performance over standard siding accessories.”—Dave Fookes, P.Eng., Project Engineer, Morrison Hershfield Ltd.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just saved my summers from having to scrape, sand, fill, and triple-coat my wooden deck railings. I have better things to do…”—R. Smith, Homeowner

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