What’s the best way to eliminate the possibility of moisture intrusion into the wall at exterior lights and plugs? Simple: just eliminate the hole!Traditionally, exterior electrical boxes are fastened to a stud in an opening through the sheathing. The electrical box itself is a large opening in the air/moisture barrier (a violation of the NBC). In an effort to eliminate this hole, professionals have used spray foam, flashing tape, and other products, all of which are costly, labor-intensive and prone to improper installation. OAB puts the electrical box OUTSIDE the air/moisture barrier! Since the only penetration through the sheathing and air/moisture barrier is a 3/4” hole for the wire to pass through, it can be 100% sealed with caulking. It saves time and money while eliminating the potential for future problems.
Another plus: OAB can be mounted anywhere! Because is mounted to the sheathing, not to a stud, placement can be “fine tuned” with much more flexibility than an in wall box.


Siding Accessories

  • Original Series SidingFeaturing Quicksilver Building Product’s (QBP’s) original series of two-piece mounting blocks and ventilation products.
  • Over Air Barrier (O.A.B.) SeriesElectrical light and plug mounting blocks featuring Over Air Barrier (OAB) Technology.
  • Plumbing ProductsFeaturing Bell Trap Drain Lid Bell Trap Lid – 4-1/2” round, and Bell Trap Drain, Square 6” ABS – Grey – Solvent Weld, Fits over 1-1/2” or into 2” Hub Connection
  • Third Wave SeriesFeaturing the THIRD WAVE (rain screen) series of siding accessories, compatible with multiple exterior siding applications


Ventilation Accessories

  • Decorative Gable VentsWe offer an assortment of attractive Gable Vents in a variety of sizes and shapes, including, square, round, octagonal, rectangular, half moon and cathedral arched.
  • Original Series VentilationWe carry a full line of ventilation products to ventilate gas furnaces, hot water tanks, dryers, exhaust fans, heaters and air conditioners.
  • Screened Plastic Mini LouversWe also carry a full line of ventilation products including mini louvers and utility vents to ventilate gas furnaces, hot water tanks, dryers, exhaust fans, heaters, and air conditioners.


Vinyl Handrail

  • Vinyl Handrail AccessoriesThe ultimate cover for wooden railings and fence tops is made of durable, waterproof PVC. Our patented ribbing system allows for air circulation which prevents moisture damage to the covered wood.
  • Vinyl Handrail CoverEasy to install, our Handrail Covers are 100 percent maintenance free. Simply cover them with VSA’s Handrail Covers and enjoy beautiful, maintenance-free, smooth to the touch handrails for years to come. Available in White and Sandalwood, our Handrail Covers offer excellent adhesion and can be easily painted any colour you choose.