2 X 6 Deck Handrail

A perfect fit with VSA’s 2×6 deck handrail cover.
Handrails are the perfect fixture for any home. They exude elegance with their sleek exteriors that reject rain and other elements of nature, handrail exude class with the care that only those who know the importance of adding style to any environment can appreciate. Handrail cover exude practicality with durable material that can stand the wear and tear of time and the many parties you are sure to throw.

When guests come to your home, do you want them to be greeted by the harsh grain of a wooden handrail, or a perfect 2×6 handrail cover that forms a snug barrier between your wood and their palms?

The functionality of a 2×6 handrail cover will allow you to get as many as you need to cover as much surface as people can reach. By extending the handrail cover to encompass your entire deck, you will be able to transform your space into one that everyone can let loose on.

This way, you will know that even if someone spills some beer on your railing, even if there’s a torrential rain that threatens to flood your floor, your handrails will lay easy and protected with a patented ribbing system that will keep moisture damage out and structural integrity in. Products such as VSA Enterprises’ 2×6 deck handrail are made to endure any climate, any rainfall, all the time. After all, what works in BC’s coastal rainforest, which is filled with months upon months of mold-loving weather, can work virtually anywhere else. Ready to get a 2×6 deck railing cover that will keep your rainy days happy, protect your investments, and look good doing it? Click on the products section of this site to find our VSA handrail covers and 2×6 deck handrails.